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Euthanasia Appointments and End of Life Consultations- $325

Includes an initial phone/text/email consultation to help determine if now is the time to say goodbye. We will go over any questions or special requests you may have and set up an appointment time. 
Dr. Lisa will travel to your home or agreed upon place ( such as a park) and provide the medications for a peaceful passing for your pet. If requested, she will also transport your pet to the crematorium.
Cremation is available for an additional fee and is not included in the euthanasia appointment.   
After hours ( after 4pm), short notice appointments ( less than 4 hours), and holidays are available by request and may have additional fees. Please contact Dr. Lisa with these requests directly.
The online booking system only allows one appointment per day to be booked but additional appointments may e available. Please contact Dr Lisa for additional availability if the online appointment for the day is booked.

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Cremation Options

Communal- pets are cremated with several other pets and the ashes are scattered respectfully by the crematorium

Your pets ashes are not returned to you.

  • 0-10 lbs: $50

  • 11-50 lbs: $75

  • 51-100 lbs: $100

  • 101-150 lbs: $125

  • 151-200 lbs: $150​

Private Cremation- Your pet is cremated individually. You have the choice of your pet's ashes to be returned in a carved Tree of life urn as the standard. Photo urns are available for additional cost.  These urns are included in the price of cremation. Normal turn around time is 7-14 days for your ashes to be returned to you and Dr Lisa will hand deliver your pet back to you when they are ready. 

  • 0-2 lbs: $150

  • 3-10 lbs: $175

  • 11-50 lbs: $225

  • 51-100 lbs: $300

  • 101-150 lbs: $350

  • 151-200 lbs: $400

Pawsitive Passing uses both Heavens gate and Regency crematoriums. Please see their websites below. If you would like to schedule a witnessed cremation or other special requests, you may have to contact the crematorium directly, but Dr Lisa can help you coordinate this. 

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Ways to Memorialize Your Pet

Clay Pawprint- $65 Available in white and terra cotta through Heavens Gate. Samples are available for evaluation at the appointment.

Ink Paw Print- Free 

(Ink paw prints must be requested at the visit if you want one and it will be mailed to you after the visit)

Special Urns- Heavens Gate can order many special urns for an additional fee. If you have one you are looking for you can contact Dr Lisa or go directly to Heavens Gate to make arrangements.

Necklaces- Heavens Gate offers a variety of keepsake necklaces. Please contact Dr Lisa for a photo of the available necklaces.